Yamaha Premium Grand Pianos


These premium grand pianos represent the pinnacle of the piano crafting art. Standing solidly in the spotlight on the stage, Yamaha premium grand pianos have the power to dominate every concert hall. Beautifully made and expertly seasoned, each produces an exquisite tone and unparalleled range. Check out our demonstration videos.


The 9-foot CFX dominates even over a full orchestra. This is the standard by which all other concert grands are judged. From a vast spectrum of tonal colors to the subtlest nuances, the CFX offers the compete concert grand experience. Also available as DCFX ENPRO


Experience the rich open sound characteristic of a full-length, 7-foot concert grand. Quick responsive and capable of a wide spectrum of tonal phrasing, this beautiful piano is always winning raves. Also available as DCF6 ENPRO


A 6’ 3” grand that’s perfectly sized for recital halls or teaching studios, this piano surprises with its big, bracing sound and a vast palette of tonal colors that fulfills an artist’s dream of creating the most expressive phrases. Also available as DC4F ENPRO


Perfect for chamber halls or salons, the 7’ 6” S7X give the pianists infinite expressiveness with a perfect balance of richness, crispness, warmth, and power. Also available as DS7X ENPRO


Every note of the 7-foot S6X grand resonates clearly with warm, detailed harmony that will inspire the pianist and their listeners. Also available as DS6X ENPRO


With warm, rich harmony and powerful bass, the 6’ 7” S5X mesmerizes both pianists and audiences at any concert or salon stages. Also available as DS5X ENPRO


The 6’ 1” S3X is characterized by warm and beautiful tones of a vintage instrument, producing a romantic voice that every pianist desires. Also available as DS3X ENPRO


Yamaha premium CF series and SX Series grand pianos are available with the premium Disklavier ENSPIRE Pro (ENPRO) technology that turns your handcrafted instrument into the world’s finest player piano.

The ENSPIRE Pro system allows for high-resolution recording and note-for-note playback that reproduces any performance with exactly the same touch and pressure as when it was recorded. Included are over 500 built-in songs, including classically focused “recordings” by many legendary pianists such as Vladimir Horowitz, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Artur Rubinstein, Camille Saint-Seans, Liberace, and George Gershwin that capture the dynamics of the players’ renditions.

ENSPIRE Pro gives you Bluetooth® connectivity, the easy “learn to play” Smart Key feature, and Yamaha Piano Radio and DisklavierTV provide instant access to streaming piano music and live or on-demand video concert performances from your favorite artists,.

With ENSPRIE Pro, you can connect to your home audio system or to headphones to play without disturbing others with Yamaha’s Silent Piano feature that lets you select from different voices including Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Jazz Organ, Strings, and Choir. Plus, you can control everything wirelessly via iOS and Android devices, your Mac or PC or by voice control via an Amazon Alexa equipped device.