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Yamaha Hybrid Pianos

A Yamaha Hybrid Piano combines the best of an acoustic piano’s responsive touch and feel with cutting-edge digital technology that delivers extra benefits, like built-in speaker systems, headphone options, record and playback, on-demand video performances and much more, including never needing tuning. They also can give you endless opportunities for playing enjoyment when connected to a tablet, laptop, or even an iOS and Android phone!

Yamaha Disklavier
Yamaha Hybrid Disklavier

Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano”. Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber-optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately record piano performances and play back with all of the expression and nuance of the original performance. Ask about DisklavierTV™ and discover live, on-demand video performances that you can synchronize and play keystroke for keystroke on your keyboard. These instruments have many capabilities that provide an extensive range of entertainment and educational uses. You can even stream Yamaha Radio 24/7 and play continuous concerts on your piano via the Internet. 

Jeff Bauer, Manager Of The West LA Keyboard Concepts Store, Demonstrate The Abilities Of The Yamaha Disklaiver And Yamaha Digital Pianos.

Yamaha AvantGrand
Yamaha Hybrid AvantGrand

Yamaha has captured true grand piano performance within a minimal, twenty-first century design. With over 5,000 genuine Yamaha action components, the AvantGrand delivers an authentic acoustic experience. Real action and Tactile Response technology replicate the natural vibration of an acoustic piano, creating an immediate connection between instrument and player. Yamaha’s unique Spatial Acoustic Speaker System optimizes sound reproduction for each AvantGrand model for remarkable, multi-dimensional tonality.

Yamaha Silent Piano
Yamaha Silent piano

This is the perfect piano choice for homes or venues where external sound is a consideration. Yamaha’s Non-Contact Optical Sensing Systems were created to produce deep, rich tone that can be reproduced through earphones when necessary. The technology is based on optical sensors that register the speed and depth at which keys are depressed. Grey-scale shutters under each key block a light beam generated from the key sensor. Based on the amount and traveling speed of the blocked light, the sensor registers keystroke depth and speed as well as the timing at which muting should occur. The result is a piano you can play any time you want, with the natural touch of an acoustic grand piano.

Silent Piano Demonstration

Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano
Yamaha TransAcoustic Piano

The TransAcoustic™ Piano introduces a new way for piano players to emotionally connect with their instrument. The technology is designed to augment and amplify the sounds of a high quality acoustic piano in conjunction with digital enhancements. A specially developed transducer system, optical sensors and a digital tone generator provide natural acoustic presence, cabinet vibrations and string resonance when playing digital sounds. The technology literally injects sound into the acoustic soundboard of the piano without impacting the movement of the soundboard itself. The result is an instrument that maximizes the fidelity of both the acoustic and the digital features preserving the touch of the keys, the embodiment of sound and the resonance of strings. TransAcoustic Technology enhances the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify non-acoustic sounds. This means that any sound can be delivered through this naturally resonant piano.

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