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Yamaha AvantGrand Pianos

Yamaha AvantGrand Pianos

Everything you want from an acoustic.

Everything you need in a digital.

Yamaha has captured true grand piano performance within a minimal, twenty-first century design. With over 5,000 genuine Yamaha action components, the AvantGrand delivers an authentic acoustic experience. Real action and Tactile Response technology replicate the natural vibration of an acoustic piano, creating an immediate connection between instrument and player. Yamaha’s unique Spatial Acoustic Speaker System optimizes sound reproduction for each AvantGrand model for remarkable, multi-dimensional tonality.

True Acoustic Action
The AvantGrand doesn’t just replicate the experience of playing a Yamaha acoustic piano. it uses the same mechanism and parts.
Always In Tune
The AvantGrand never goes out of tune, making it the perfect piano for every season, regardless of temperature or humidity.
Rich Authentic Sound
The AvantGrand's sound is sampled from four different positions on a piano soundboard using Yamaha's Spatial Acoustic Sampling process.
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AvantGrand N3X

Even the most demanding pianist are astonished by the touch, pedal feel, reverberation, and resonance of the hybrid AvantGrand N3X. Call us to purchase your N3X at (818) 787-0201.

The Grand Piano You Can Play Anywhere, Anytime.
With the same action used in Yamaha’s celebrated concert grand pianos, the AvantGrand series features outstanding power and playability combined with cutting-edge technology to give you a grand piano experience at any volume.

Truly Expressive Piano Sound
In the AvantGrand N3X, Yamaha gives you the choice of two world-class grand pianos in one. Simply touch a button for authentic sounds sampled either from a Yamaha CFX concert grand or from a Bo¨sendorfer Imperial.

Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, the majestic CFX, offers a wide palette of tonal colors from sparkling high notes to powerful bass tones. The Bösendorfer Imperial is famous the world over for its sonorous and rich Viennese sound.

Along with these superb grand piano voices, the N3X also gives you two electric piano voices and a harpsichord voice.

Grand Piano Action With Wooden Keys
The AvantGrand N3X features a specially developed action with the same configuration as the action of a real grand piano. Hammers strike the “strings” from underneath, allowing minute adjustments to the weight distribution and the movement of the hammers for an authentic feel while playing. In addition to a hammer sensor, a non-contact key sensor gives precise recognition of pressure on the keyboard, timing, and the other nuances that are part of musical expression. And because the resonance of a real acoustic piano can be felt through your fingers, Yamaha added its Tactile Response System, a vibration-feedback system that feels just like an actual grand.

Spatial Acoustic Sampling And Speaker System
Yamaha ignited a revolution to sampling recording and playback of the notes of the actual acoustic piano with the introduction of the AvantGrand. Yamaha took samples at four positions: the optimum center and rear locations in addition to the left and right. The result is the perfect capturing of grand piano sound.

Bringing these rich sounds to the ear is a multi-speaker system that accurately reproduces the natural resonance of the soundboard. Each speaker is optimally placed for the cabinet size, each with a dedicated amplifier: two 80-watt amps, four 45-watt amps, five 35-watt amps, and four 25-watt amps.

Technology Adds To The Experience
Besides the two headphone outputs, the N3X features Midi in/out, stereo auxiliary in/out, plus USB to device and host that allows you to use the built-in audio recorder to get the most out of your practices by recording them to USB memory.

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