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Pearl River Piano, Model 130M-1 Polished Walnut, 1998


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Pearl River Piano, Polished Walnut Model 130M-1, 1998

Serial #351440Serial #351440. This Pearl River 130M-1, finished in polished walnut and standing proudly at 52 inches tall, emits a sonorous and enveloping sound that captivates listeners. With a warm and balanced tone, every note resonates with clarity and depth, making it a delight to play. Crafted with precision and care, this upright piano offers musicians a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, enriching any musical performance or practice session.

This piano was thoroughly evaluated by our expert technicians who then brought it to our highest standards.

Manufacturer: Pearl River
Model: 130M-1
Type: Vertical Acoustic Piano
Size: 52″
Finish: Polished Walnut
Age: 1998

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