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Bosendorfer Piano, Model 214 Satin Ebony


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Bosendorfer Piano, Satin Ebony Model 214

Serial #49836Serial #49836. True to the Bosendorfer brand, this 214 grand piano is a product of true craft and care. The delicate sound, the accuracy in the touch, the resonance of its tone make this a true delight to play. At 7 feet, this piano is able to provide a richness comparable to grands of a far larger size. This Bosendorfer 214 would make an exceptional choice for the venue, studio, or home.

This piano was thoroughly evaluated by our expert technicians who then brought it to our highest standards.

Manufacturer: Bosendorfer
Model: 214
Type: Grand Acoustic Piano
Size: 7′
Finish: Satin Ebony

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