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IMPORTANT! THIS INFO NEEDED BEFORE WE CAN PROVIDE QUOTE: If piano is going to commercial venue (hotel, theater, etc.) does venue require piano movers to provide Certificate of Insurance? (required)
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Ask your event planner or venue contact to email Vendor Insurance Requirements to

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Tuner Name Tuner Ph#On-Site tuning required unless for display only

PIANO DELIVERY & PICK UP: (Movers need 2 to 4 hour window during Regular Hours: Mon – Sat: 9-5 pm. If you want Sunday Move, After Hours/Specific “Sharp” delivery or pick up time - see Extra Charges below)

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Special time (10 am SHARP, etc.) delivery or pick up + $100 Early or Late Hour

Delivery and Same Day pick up + $75 (additional)

Delivery or pick up + $100 (minimum) Sunday delivery or pick up $150 (minimum) Waiting Time: Movers charge an extra $100 per hour minimum if they must wait during delivery or pick up. Stairs $5 each / Elevator $40 / Tight turns $75 each Terms: Signed rental contract and payment in full due at least (5) days prior to delivery date. Pianos may not be used outdoor unless authorized by Keyboard Concepts management. Color, brand/model subject to availability. On-Site tuning required unless piano is being used for display or prop. If you want to use your tuner, provide name and phone number. Delivery and pickup: Mon thru Sat 9 am to 5 pm (Standard 2 to 4 hour window required) Refund Policy: Total amount paid, less any processing fees, will be refunded only if cancellation notice (email or telephone) is provided a minimum of 48 hours prior to piano delivery date.