Dennis Hagerty is a Piano Restoration Expert

All piano restorations, rebuilding and refinishing done through Keyboard Concepts, are personally supervised by Keyboard Concepts President, Dennis Hagerty. As an Associate Member of the Piano Tuners Guild, with 30+ years in the piano rebuilding business, Dennis is an expert who loves the process and will be pleased to discuss the restoration of your piano, give you insights into whether or not your piano is worth restoration or offer an appraisal of your piano’s market value. All used pianos on sale at Keyboard Concepts have been scrupulously reviewed and come with the assurance that they will look and perform, as beautifully as or better than, new.

Original Ivory key set

Key set being restored.

Vintage Chickering

Piano has been de strung and the plate/harp has been removed. Exposed sound board and bridges may now be repaired.

Steinway Grand Piano

Key frame being serviced.

Steinway Grand Piano

Key set getting a new set of cloth bushings

Baldwin Grand Piano

Final tuning and tone regulation work prior to shipping to our client.