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Moving Your Grand Pianos in Los Angeles, CA

Moving your piano
Whether you are planning a local move or long distance, we have reputable recommendations. These are movers that we trust with upright and grand pianos in Los Angeles, CA and the rest of southern CA.
Santana Piano Movers

Local Moving

Santana Piano Movers
With over 35 years in the piano moving and warehousing business, Santana can provide a fleet of up to 6 bobtail trucks and over 18,000 sq. feet of secure, climate controlled warehousing for short or long term storage.
Modern Piano Moving

Long Distance Moving

Modern Piano Moving
Equipped to move your piano anywhere in the USA, Modern Piano Moving offers a full time, highly experienced staff committed to client service. Their state-of-the-art, climate controlled trucks and trailers are manned by teams of experts and every move is handled 100% by Modern Piano Moving with no sub-contractors.
Tips For Preparing to Move a Piano

If you’re planning to move your piano soon, you may want to consider how you can help make your piano’s move as smooth as it can possibly be. Here are a few tips to help make the move easier:

  • Properly Pad Your Piano. You want to make sure that your piano is fully covered in padding to avoid any small dings or scratches that can come along with moving. Check if your moving company does the wrapping themselves or opt for thick, heavy blankets to cover your piano in and tape it on. You want to be sure that the padding isn’t going to go anywhere during transit.
  • Plan the Route. One of the hardest parts of moving a piano, whether upright or grand pianos in Los Angeles, CA or other locations, is that it’s bulky. Before your movers come over, consider measuring the potential ways that your piano can leave your apartment or home to help make the process as quick and easy as possible on the day of the move.

Keep these tips in mind when moving grand pianos in Los Angeles, CA whether you’re moving them somewhere local or far away and you’ll have your piano in your new home in the best condition possible.

If you’re nervous about moving your piano, it’s a good idea to also check with your moving company about any tips they have about preparing for your piano’s move. They may take care of details like padding the piano and may want you not to take any actions on your part, so be sure to check in with what they recommend. These tips are general ones that apply to moving any piano you have with any moving company, but there are differences in how different companies will approach moving pianos.

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