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For 37 years, Keyboard Concepts has been your “go-to” piano store in Southern California for the best new pianos. With the finest selection of the world’s most-respected piano brands whether it’s a grand piano, baby grand, upright, electric/digital, hybrid or other, you’ll see why we’ve gained the respect of professional musicians, music teachers, music performance venue managers and amateur enthusiasts alike.

Our highly trained staff understands all the options available to today’s musicians and will expertly guide you through the vast array of music technology options available.

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Yamaha sets the international standard for fine pianos and Keyboard Concepts is Yamaha’s authorized dealer in the Los Angeles area. That makes us the epi-center of all things Yamaha including a cutting-edge selection of all the new Yamaha models incorporating the latest in the magical world of acoustic and digital technology.

Upright Pianos

Acoustic Performer
More than 100 years of craftsmanship and design culminate in pianos that exemplify the standards that set these fine instruments apart. Students or homeowners who may not have the budget or space for a grand piano will discover tone and response that satisfy their every requirement. Musical venues looking for a hard-working quality instrument will be delighted with their options. Read more about specific upright models.

Grand Pianos

Acoustic Drama
There is a reason Yamaha grands appear on more performance stages and dramatic, fashionable living rooms around the world. These are the true beauties of the industry with a musical range that has become legendary. The craftsmanship and materials are unequalled on every level. Read more about the wide range of grand piano options.

Premium Pianos

The Grandest Acoustics
These pianos are the magnificent pinnacle of Yamaha’s dedication to perfecting perfection. The range, the tone, the touch, the singing purity of every note have made these beautiful pianos the one to beat. But so far they stand alone. Read more about specific models and specifications.


Digital Possibilities
These pianos must be experienced in person to realize their impressive possibilities. The Clavinova’s versatility and diverse digital options open a new world with a vast library of accompaniment and an exciting range of instrument Voices. Read more about this 21st Century marvel.


Digital Multi-tasker
Remember old-time player pianos? Well, this is the player piano for the digital generation. Combining the character and feel of an acoustic piano with state-of-the-art computer technology, Disklavier can entertain you and enrich your musical talents in ways you have to see to believe. Read more about these multi-talented instruments.

Hybrid Pianos

Hybrid are a whole new version of the latest thing. These beauties combine real piano actions with the best and most exciting digital technology to create space-saving pianos with big bold sound. Read more about pianos you can play with headphones.
Bosendorfer is truly the Rolls-Royce of grand pianos. Hand-crafted in Vienna, Austria since 1828, they are now exclusively a Yamaha brand. Making only a few hundred pianos a year, Bosendorfer is famous for richness of tone color and pure, full-bodied sound. In an age of standardization and uniformity, Bosendorfer takes great pride in a tradition of hand-crafted perfection that has inspired generations of musicians.

Conservatory Series

Hand-Crafted Acoustic
The Conservatory Series is dedicated to colleges, universities and dedicated musicians who demand the finest at a more affordable price point. These pianos feature the same unparalleled performance features with some concessions in non-critical areas such as a satin finish rather than polished. The result is a perfect piano within reach of aspiring musicians. Read more about the Conservatory Series.

Standard Models

Acoustic Masterpiece
Far from standard, these magnificent pianos exemplify the finest in every aspect. The models range includes 8 sizes of grand piano and 2 uprights. The whole body, not just the soundboard, supports sound formation similar in principle to a violin. This is unique to Bosendorfer. Read more about what makes a Bosendorfer a musical masterpiece.

Limited Edition Models

Collectors Choice
In celebration of unique historical events such as the 250th birthday of Mozart, Bosendorfer develops limited edition series which are instantly sought-after by collectors. The beautiful design dedicated to Viennese master Gustav Klimt is a magnificent example. Read more about these historical instruments.

Special and Designer Models

Designer Labels
Bosendorfer has collaborated with celebrated architects and industrial designers since the 19th century. The results have been selected, limited edition models that capture the spirit or definitive style of a variety of composers, events or even the classic panache of Porsche and Audi Design. Read more about these special piano editions.
Schimmel is the largest piano manufacturer in Germany and has been making highly regarded pianos since 1885. “Quality will prevail” is the overriding theme of every aspect of Schimmel production. Schimmel combines the precision of German craftsmanship with a sensibility for the latest in musical technology and an eye for exceptional contemporary design.


Traditional Achievement
Schimmel designers have translated the innovations that define the Konzert Series into a solid, classically German piano. The Schimmel Classic has elevated an entire segment of the piano industry. Read more here.


World-wide Best Seller
World markets are now able to access a fine German-quality piano at highly competitive prices. The designers combine master craftsmanship with Schimmel excellence in materials and production. Read about these exceptional models.


A Special Series
A unique series of classically designed pianos dedicated to the company’s founder. Everything that defines Schimmel quality has been crafted into these exceptional models. Read more.

Art Series

Born of a collaboration between piano maker Nikolaus W. Schimmel and contemporary artist Otmar Alt, these bold and whimsical instruments were designed to charm all the senses. Read more about these one-of-a-kind works of art.
Wm. Knabe pianos are handmade, limited edition instruments, each designed to express a unique musical personality. Every step in the production of these fine instruments from the hand-laid, tapered solid Canadian spruce soundboard, to the selected oak and maple hand-bent rim, to the final touches that regulate the premium German action and hammers, is a work of fine craftsmanship. Its distinctive mellow, warm, melodic tone is often compared to the human voice.

Baltimore Series

Grand Pianos

Baltimore Series

Upright Pianos

Academy Series

Grand Pianos

Academy Series

Upright Pianos
Imagine your piano playing perfect musical selections as vividly as if the artists were performing them right before your eyes and ears. That’s PianoDisc.

PianoDisc systems can be added to pianos of virtually any size, style or make, turning them into modern player pianos. All PianoDisc systems feature full 88-note playback with 127 levels or expression per key and all PianoDisc systems feature SilentDrive, an exclusive, patented technology that allows the piano to play with greater dynamic range including whisper-soft levels. These important built-in features ensure that PianoDisc systems play your piano as the original artists would, full of musical expression rather than mechanical reproduction.

PianoDisc is the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic reproduction systems for acoustic pianos. The company manufacturers the PianoDisc player system and has also created a music library which includes over 4000 performances by the world’s finest musicians.