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Make It A Perfect Finish By Design With a Grand Piano in Los Angeles, CA

Make it a perfect finish
Keyboard Concepts Can Customize Any Finish

The Keyboard Concepts custom-finish design service is legendary. Our consultants work with designers to achieve a color match or Custom Woods finish on your piano or keyboard that’s in perfect harmony with the client’s home or business environment. Our tremendous selection and dedication to serving the needs of interior designers has made us a favorite with design professionals. Our beautiful custom-finished pianos can be found in the finest homes and studios in Southern California.

Complete Your Living Space Beautifully

Whether you’re a professional interior designer or are shopping for your own piano to match your home, we can help. Pianos are a wonderful way to incorporate a love of music into a space, and can be used as a focal point or an accessory depending on the way you frame your space. An upright against a wall can serve as an area to display framed photos, and by choosing the right finish, you can be sure that your piano adds to a room’s design instead of taking away from it.

Your grand piano in Los Angeles, CA can also function as a statement piece and focal point for your living space’s design. Grand pianos are designed to not only sound beautiful, but also look beautiful. You can keep the top lid closed and once again use the top of your piano as a display spot for light items, or you can choose a grand piano with a design under the lid and display it by having your piano’s top open.

Reap the Aesthetic and Musical Benefits

Your upright or grand piano is not just a beautiful work of art, though — it is also a functional musical instrument that can benefit you in many ways. There have been multiple studies done on the impact that playing piano has on us, and many have shown that playing piano helps sharpen your cognitive abilities as well as reduce mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. When you purchase the perfect piano for your space, you’re also purchasing a tool to help you improve your life in the long term and not just brighten up or anchor a space.

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for an upright, baby grand, or grand piano in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area, Keyboard Concepts is here to help! Call (833) 683-5099 to find out more about how we can customize or help your clients create their own piano.

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