Hoffmann Pianos was founded in 1904 in Berlin by Wilhelmine Sophia Friederike Hoffmann. It was later purchased by the Bechstein company, allowing the manufacturing to remain in Europe. Many of the principles of piano manufacturing have been retained, offering players the chance to own a mid-range upright or grand piano for an incredible price. From learner players to professional concert pianists, there is so much pleasure to be found in a W Hoffmann piano. German and Czech expertise are combined to create incredible sound quality with a focus on resonance.

Hoffmann Grand Piano

This high-quality, yet affordable line meets the demands of professional pianists. The instruments were developed in Germany by C. Bechstein’s R&D department and are made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe. The durability, impressive power, beautiful voice and exquisite design of these pianos make them really irresistible.

Read this very informative review about W. Hoffmann Pianos by Mario Igrec (the Chief Piano Technician for the Julliard School of NY) from the Piano Buyer website:

Review: W. Hoffmann Pianos
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