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Bösendorfer Conservatory Series

Hand-Crafted Acoustic, the Conservatory Series is dedicated to colleges, universities and dedicated musicians who demand the finest at a more affordable price point. These pianos feature the same unparalleled performance features with some concessions in non-critical areas such as a satin finish rather than polished. The result is a perfect piano within reach of aspiring musicians.

Bosendorfer Conservatory Series
Bosendorfer Model_200_CS

Bösendorfer has simplified the grandest of their hand-built grand pianos to create instruments that satisfy the highest expectations of aspiring perfectionists. The pianos in this Bösendorfer Conservatory Series are available in sizes 214 and 200 (185 is only available in the USA.) The Conservatory Series of acoustic grand pianos will not disappoint as a showcase for technical expertise or artistic subtleties.

Bosendorfer Conservatory Series Detail
Bosendorfer Model_185_CS
Model 185 VC SSCS (6′ 1″)
Bosendorfer Model_200_CS
Model 200 SSCS (6′ 7″)
Bosendorfer Model-214_CS
Model 214 VC SSCS (7″0
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