C. Bechstein pianos are among the very best pianos Europe has to offer and are among the finest instruments chosen by the world’s most knowledgeable performers. For more than 150 years, Bechstein’s exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive transparency, responsive touch, and lyrical, singing voice has inspired history’s most legendary artists.

To inspire the accomplished concert artist, the serious musician, the aspiring young student-any discerning music lover who can truly appreciate a piano that is so incomparably expressive, it’s like having an orchestra at your fingertips.



The Bechstein piano-making concept views a piano as more than the sum of its parts. The legendary Bechstein sound stems from the attention paid to the piano as a whole, producing a unique, unmatched sound. Excellently trained and experienced craftsmen devote the quality time required to produce a masterpiece that can beautifully withstand the test of time. The careful calibration of the sound body and action assembly specifically are essential in creating premium musical instruments.

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bechstein piano
bechstein piano