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Welcome to Southern California’s Go-To Piano Store for New, Used and Restored Pianos.  We are your Factory Authorized Dealer for Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Hoffmann and Bechstein Pianos.  In addition, we are the largest seller for Yamaha Digital Clavinovas, AvantGrand Hybrid Pianos and Premium Rebuilt Steinway & Sons Pianos.

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Bosendorfer Grand Piano, Amboyna Model 200, 2005

A masterpiece of design as well as historical significance, the Bosendorfer Model 200 Strauss Edition is modeled after the great composer Johann Strauss’ own Bosendorfer piano. Featuring elegant Viennese design elements such as the rounded leg and musical pedal lyre, this instrument is a sight to behold. The intricately carved music desk, as well as the stirring Austrian coat of arms emblems displayed on both ends of the fallboard make it a standout piece of art. This 2005 Model 200 Strauss is in a stunning Amboyna finish. Amboyna is the highest quality and most sought-after burl wood in the world, making an entire piano in Amboyna is extremely rare. The combination of Bosendorfer’s legendary piano craftsmanship with this exquisite Amboyna finish allows for a piano that is a true collector’s edition. An heirloom piano that will retain value for generations to come.

Manufacturer: Bosendorfer
Model: 200
Type: Grand Acoustic Piano
Size: 6′ 7″
Finish: Amboyna
Age: 2005

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