Yamaha Clavinova for acoustic grandeur in a digital world.

Close your eyes and you will believe you are seated at a fine concert grand piano. Open your eyes and you’ll see a beautiful Yamaha Clavinova digital instrument appropriate to rooms that can’t accommodate a major-sized piano. The realistic touch and response, paired with the unmistakable tone of the finest concert grand pianos, define Clavinova as the perfect combination of acoustic and digital keyboard qualities. Subtle tonal shadings paired with broad dynamic range ensure this piano exceeds all musical intentions. Yamaha has truly set the standard for electric pianos today. View our demonstration videos.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP Series:

Discover the power and beauty of a grand piano with the tonal purity of both the 9-foot Yamaha CFX and the legendary Bosendorfer Imperial grand.


The finest Yamaha CLP Clavinova ever made.


Imagine sitting center-stage in a concert hall, a real grand piano experience.


Wooden piano-style keys for a classic touch.


Combines the characteristics of both Yamaha CFX & Bosendorfer.


Exceptional touch and tone in an entry-level model.


A grand design with Yamaha Clavinova talent.


RGE Sound Engine with Key-Off, String Resonance & Stereo Sustain samples for expansive grand piano touch and sound.

CLP-430 Feature Video

CLP-430 Feature Video

Yamaha Clavinova CVP Series

Sit down before an entire orchestra and become master of it all. FollowLights mean beginners can learn melodies while the rest of your orchestra follows you.


It’s the magnificent CVP-709 in a polished ebony grand piano cabinet.


The most advanced Yamaha Clavinova ever.


More Voices, more Styles and wireless iPad connectivity.

Yamaha CVP 700 series RealExpression

Yamaha CVP 700 series RealExpression Video


A great family-style centerpiece.


The Clavinova CVP-609 digital piano in a polished ebony grand piano cabinet.

ClavinovaCVP 600 Series Overview Video

Clavinova CVP 600 Series Overview Video


The most advanced Yamaha CVP digital piano available today.


Voices, Styles and wireless iPad connectivity.


New and ready to spotlight your musical talents.