BUY ANY NEW Yamaha CX or CF Series piano in our inventory and WE WILL PAY THE TAX.

This is your opportunity to save on some of Yamaha’s finest models, but act now because the sale ends soon.

Get Your "No Tax Savings" On These Yamaha CX Series Models And More!


C1X: Superb balance, rich tone, and perfect attack all in a space-saving 5’3″ baby grand.
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C2X Chrome

C2X Chrome: Its chrome colored frame and beautifully lacquered interior create a refined, 5’8” understatement.

Yamaha C5X

C5X: The voice of this 6’7” piano has a limitless facility for expression, shifting with the melody and overlaying notes into a wonderful harmony.

Yamaha C7X

C7X: At 7’6”, the top model in the CX Series is very close to a concert grand, and “sings” with a voice of refined grace.

Just A Few Of The Yamaha CF Series We’ll Pay The Tax On!

Yamaha CF4

CF4: The 6’3” CF4 will fit in a recital hall or teaching studio, but offers a surprisingly big, expressive sound.
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Yamaha CF6

CF6: The rich open sound of the 7’ CF6 is amazingly like a full-length concert grand, with action that’s quick and responsive.

Yamaha CF6

CFX: The full sized 9’ CFX concert grand piano delivers a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the subtle expressive nuances.

Yamaha DCFX

DCFX: The ENSPIRE PRO technology offers the highest resolution recording and playback paired with Yamaha’s 9’ flagship concert grand for those who expect the best.
Our NO TAX Sale continues through April on all new Yamaha CX and CF Series pianos.

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